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The New, Again

Lotus 169 (2020)

What do pictures of new projects teach us? What kind of rigorous evaluation can we derive from their examination?   But above all who is examining whom? Is it we who are looking at them in an inquiring way or is it the images of the new works of architecture, with their unplanned destinies, that come to us to ask their questions? Lotus presents an unprecedented encyclopedic labyrinth with a map of the geography described by the new architecture and illustrated with the entries in a still incomplete dictionary

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Il nuovo in Architettura / The New in Architecture
Dove / Where
Identità / Identities
Rinascite / Rebirth
Ibridi / Hybrids
Strutture / Structures 
Genoa Bridge 
Renzo Piano
Ponte Polcevera, Genoa, Italia, 2018
Nina Bassoli
La via del nuovo ponte / On the Road of the New Bridge 
Il concorso per il parco / The Competition for the Park
Les Halles, 1854-2016
Patrick Berger Jacques Anziutti Architectes 
Le Pole Chatelet - Les halles, Paris, 2007-16
From Police to Art 
Herzog & de Meuron 
Tai kwun, Centre for Heritage & Art
Hong Kong, China, 2006-18
From Rotterdam to New York 
Timmerhuis Rotterdam, Rotterdam, 2009-15
Torino città aperta / Torino Open City  
CZA - Cino Zucchi Architetti
HQ Lavazza, Torino, 2011-17
Giampiero Bosoni
Dal recupero alla rigenerazione / From Reclamation to Regeneration
Innesto / Grafts 
Flores & Prats 
Casal Balanguer, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2016
Contesto / Context 
Noura al Sayeh and Leopold Banchini
House of Architectural Heritage
Muharraq, Kingdom of bahrain, 2017 
Contrasto / Contrast
David Closes
Auditorium in Sant Francesc Convent 
Santpedor, Spain, 2011
Townhouse in London
31/44 Architects
Redchurch Townhouse
Shoreditch, London, 2015-18
Restauro, Palingenesi /
Restoration, Palingenesis 
Michele Nastasi
Icone dal web / Icons from the web
The Social Inspiration
Pierluigi Nicolin
Dal mito dell'originalità alla cultura della copia /
From the Myth of Originality to the Culture of the Copy