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In Europe

Lotus 156 (2015)

Rather than speak of the identity of European architecture, an unworkable and perhaps incorrect notion for a continent that speaks at least twenty languages, Lotus has embarked on a very special venture by drawing up a list of decisive works of what we can justifiably call modern European architecture. This undertaking, essentially the draft of a corpus, has revealed some features of an experience that make it unique in the international panorama. The ten cases chosen are in fact all distinguished by a marked intellectual and ideal character aimed at reinventing the connection between architecture and society, architecture and city, architecture and environment: this for us is the heritage of Europe. The corpus of works is being presented for discussion and its “openness” does not prevent us from tracing lines for the future development of contemporary architecture. In fact the diaspora of this European experience may be destined to enrich the architecture of many of the world’s nations.

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Mosbach Paysagistes, Jardin Botanique, Bordeaux

The Economist

Alison & Peter Smithson, The Economist, London
Brian Hatton, Ri-Composizione / Re-Composition
Natur-Park Südgelände, Berlin

Studio Piano & Rogers / RPBW, Ircam, Paris
Matteo Agnoletto, L’angolo in terracotta / Terracotta Corner
Parc de La Villette
OMA, Masterplan Parc de La Villette, Paris
Francesco Repishti, Layers
MRIO Arquitectos Asociados & West 8, Madrid Río, Madrid
Fondation Cartier
Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Fondation Cartier, Paris
Obrist / Nouvel, 2014
Atelier Acanthe Paysagistes Jardin du Museé du Quai Branly, Paris
Chassé Terrain
Rem Koolhaas, Xaveer De Geyter, Masterplan Chassé-Terrain, 
Breda, The Netherlands
Nina Bassoli, Il progetto urbano / The Urban Project
Puerta de Toledo
Juan Navarro Baldeweg
Ordenación del área de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid
Sergio Martín Blas, C’était une ville de rêve...
Casa da Música
OMA, Casa da Música, Porto
Paolo Deganello, Musica
Cabine dell’Elba
Aldo Rossi, Le Cabine dell’Elba
Michele Nastasi, La danza delle cabine / The Dance of the Cabins
MVRDV, Silodam, Amsterdam
Maite García Sanchis, Urban Silo
Kathryn Gustafson, Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire,
Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France
Piscina de Marés
Álvaro Siza, Piscina de Marés, Leça da Palmeira, Porto
Gaia Piccarolo, Architettura nel paesaggio / Architecture in the Landscape