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Society and Community

Lotus 175 (2024)

More and more often we see in the distance skyscrapers and high-rise tenements soaring above
the districts of the global metropolis. Up there are buildings organized for the most part on the basisof impersonal relationships (“society”) while down below, horizontally, extend structures thatmay house collective settlements (“community”); concepts, moreover, that cannot be separatedinasmuch as they are elements of a single scheme of interpretation. Now, acting on the levelof the impersonal relationships typical of society, architecture can do its job by trying to giveform to the system of accords expressed in a social contract, or, working for the community presentin a given situation, seek to interpret the relationships experienced subjectively through feelingsof belonging and participation. In this issue of Lotus we try to show how architecture is strivingto interpret the two models as parts of a single scheme comprehensive of society as a whole.

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New York Pencil Towers
Super Skyline
The Tower Ball
Reality Estate
Rafael Viñoly Architects
432 Park Avenue
Manhattan, New York, 2013
SHoP Architects
111 West 57th
Manhattan, New York, 2021
Colori dal drone / Colors from the Drone
Dal Mexicable / From the Mexicable
Pierluigi Nicolin
La rigenerazione urbana e il futuro delle città /
Urban Regeneration and the Future of the City
Timmerhuis Rotterdam
Rotterdam, 2009-15
MOS Architects
Masterplan Laboratorio de Vivienda
Apan, Hildalgo, México, 2018
Saskia Sassen
Chi possiede le nostre città / Who Owns Our Cities
Mass Design Group
Umubano Primary School
Kigali, Kicukiro District, Rwanda, 2011
DnA_Design and Architecture
Tofu Factory, Caizhai Village, Songyang, China, 2018
Rural Urban Framework
Plug-in and Tower
Longyan, Fujian Province, China, 2019
Gabriele Pasqui
Per una comunità a venire /
For a Community to Come
Diener & Diener Architekten,
Martin Steinmann Architekt
City Museum Aarau
Aarau, Switzerland, 2007-15
Protest/Architecture. Barricades, Camps, Superglue
DAM, Frankfurt, 2023
MAK, Vienna, 2024
About Urban Campus
Renzo Piano Building Workshop
The Forum, Columbia University
New York, 2011-18
Renzo Piano Building Workshop
École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay
Saclay, France, 2013-20
Ottavio Di Blasi-ODB & Partners
Campus internazionale di Architettura
Politecnico di Milano, 2018-21
Giampaolo Nuvolati
La qualità della vita / Quality of Life
Stefano Boeri
24a Esposizione Internazionale, Triennale Milano
24th International Exhibition, Triennale Milano
Grafica per la 24a Esposizione Internazionale
Graphic Design for the 24th International Exhibition